Nam Viet F&B periodic health check: Protecting workers’ health.


In order to ensure the health of employees, especially for the workers who directly involved in production, on May 16, 2021, Nam Viet (VINUT brand) organized a periodical health check all employees.

Understanding the importance of periodic health check in the care and protection of employees’ health, the Board of Directors of Nam Viet cooperated with a team of Doctors of Tam Duc General Hospital set up a reasonable periodic examination package with full of all requirement of examination lists according to a scientific process to ensure accurate and effective identification and diagnosis of diseases.

Periodic health check is one of the welfare policies for employees that Nam Viet organizes every year. Thanks to the periodic health check, Nam Viet employees have their own adjustments in nutrition and physical training to maintain their health and ensure for production and business activities of the company.

Base on the results of medical examination which help the company understand the health of each employee and provide them the orientations to improve their health or arrange suitable work.

In the means time, providing employees with better health care which encouraged them to have a good and positive spirit, create motivation in order to help them stay with company longer, together building up and contributing for the company to develop strongly and rapidly.

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