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Soda water and Sparkling water – Difference you may not know

The need to replenish water for the body is basic and very necessary. In addition to plain water, there are hundreds of products to help replenish water for the body. Among them, sparkling water and soda water are two quite popular products, loved by many people but do not know well about these two types.

What is soda water?

Soda is a type of carbonated water with the main ingredient being non-alcoholic water, CO2, flavoring, can be sugar or no sugar. Soda water is plain water that contains some minerals and dissolved solids, including sodium bicarbonate, disodium phosphate, and sodium citrate. Because of this feature, soda water usually has no calories. In most soda water products, CO2 is not naturally obtained but added.

Sugar-free soda can be combined with fruit, syrup, cream or milk to create a mixed drink with a distinctly delicious taste. In addition, soda water can also combine with quinine to form a tonic. Tonic has the salty taste of salt, the sourness of lemon and the bitterness of quinine.


What is Sparkling Water?

Basically sparkling water is also carbonated water. However, this gas in sparkling water can be natural or artificial. Sparkling water is not exactly a modern drink, as it has been around since the 1700s. The origin of the water can be traced back to carbonated mineral water from natural springs, also known as seltzers. In order to recreate naturally carbonated mineral water, an English scientist named Joseph Priestley created the first artificial carbonated water in 1767. Sparkling water has been around for decades and has grown in popularity over the years. Sparkling water has no calories or sugar.

Difference between soda water and sparkling water

Soda water involves artificial carbonation while sparkling mineral water comes from mineral springs or wells. Sparkling water has a more distinctive taste than soda water because it contains mineral components. Soda water can be drunk with an alcoholic drink while sparkling water is best enjoyed alone. In general, soda water and sparkling water differ mainly in that sparkling water has a more natural taste than soda water.


The benefits of soda water and sparkling water

Soda can be consumed as a rehydration drink because it has no calories or sugar. Soda water is beneficial in alleviating discomfort from nausea. The gas in soda water works to stabilize the stomach and is often used to relieve discomfort caused by motion sickness. Soda water can be mixed with other ingredients to create effective summer cocktails.

Sparkling water is a beneficial drink because it can improve digestion and bring a feeling of refreshment. Because it has no calories and contains minerals, carbonated mineral water can effectively support weight loss, rehydrate and mineralize. Carbonated mineral water has been shown to relieve chronic sore throat, helping relieve constipation.


Soda water and sparkling water are now consumed and used equally for many purposes. Nowadays, with the development of beverage manufacturing industry, more and more kinds of soda water and sparkling water are produced with delicious taste and added with healthy ingredients. What you need is to carefully read product labels and instructions for use before using, to choose products of reputable manufacturers.

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