7 benefits of honey and lemon water


Detoxifies body and aids weight loss

Honey and lemon combination keeps our bodies free from toxins and infectious bacteria. During our day to day lives a lot of toxins may enter our bodies through the chemicals, pesticides or even food surrounded by us. Thus the antibacterial properties of honey and the detoxifying properties from citric acid aids our bodies to remove all the unwanted toxins.

Many people may wonder – is honey fattening? Conversely, this combination aids in increasing the metabolism levels and speeding up the weight loss process through hydration.

Clears the skin from acne

Having lemon and honey combination every morning is one of the most beneficial remedies in tackling acne and other skin issues. Lemon has oil controlling properties, hence removing the excess oils from the skin.  Also citric acid works as exfoliating agent. It promotes reduction of dead skin cells and accumulated debris that clog skin glands.

Honey has antibacterial properties which aid in detoxification and fight against bad bacteria in your liver. And the micro elements within honey help to boost the clear and glowing skin effects through internal consumption.

Increase immunity

The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial qualities of honey makes it one of the most appreciated natural healing remedies for the immune system. Drinking regularly a glass of honey, water and lemon which is fortified with vitamin C will keep all the illnesses, diseases and allergies at bay.

Reduces throat and cough infection

Honey has always been used in the Baltic culture to treat cough and sore-throat symptoms. This
remedy can also be seen very popular in Ayurveda. The anti-inflammatory and
antibacterial properties aid in fighting against infectious bacteria within
your body. Honey also keeps the respiratory tract hydrated.

While honey fights off the excess mucus, lemon helps to thin the congestion of
mucus within our body and bring relief in our airways.

Replenish energy

The electrolytes of lemon and micro-elements within raw honey power up our bodies after excessive dehydration periods. This combination can help after the body had issues like diarrhea, vomiting, intoxication or starvation. Even after having too much of alcohol or sport exercises, the glucose and fructose in honey,  may boost your recovery.

Acts as duretic

Doctors often prescribe diuretics to heal edema and hypertension caused by excess amounts of fluids in body. However honey and lemon can act as a natural healing remedy to remove the excess fluids by promoting production of urine. This effect also goes hand in hand with detoxification as body can lose unwanted toxins. By healing edema or hypertension, we can remove the extra strain from the heart and normalize the blood pressure.

Nourishes your hair

Hard to believe, but honey and lemon can be best alternative to shampoo! Actually even better, because it all comes from natural sources. Using honey for hair, naturally moisturizes scalp and leaves your hair smooth. While lemon prevents from dandruff and hair loss!