Nam Viet F&B has been developing OEM/ODM products many years. Our dedicated Research and Development team closely follows developing global trends of the health food markets in Europe, America and Asia to ensure we are able to introduce the latest products for customer needs and requirements. Nam Viet F&B has also collaborated with well-known international firms using our integrated one-stop OEM/ODM services to produce and manufacture the best products with excellent services. Further details to our OEM/ODM services are listed below:h OEM/ODM flow

Private Label Services (OEM/ODM) flow

1. Consultation and Suggestion

We advise on the ingredients, dosage form, size, package, etc. depending on customers request.
Consultation and Suggestion

2. Basic Quotation

We give a rough quote based on the product development planning.
Basic Quotation

3. Sample Production

Customized ingredients Client evaluation Discussion and modifications

Formulation Modification

4. Proofing

Proofing is made after deciding formulation and package design.

5. Formulation Modification

 Further modifications are made according to customers’ feedback.

Formulation Modification

6. Product Quotation

Give the product quotation based on given quantity and contents.
Product Quotation

7. Order Confirmation

Packaging material 

Product Delivery date Schedule

Order Confirmation

8. Manufacturer and Shipment

Full-scale manufacturing Finished packaging Quality control Goods submission
Manufacturer and Shipment

After-Sales Service Support

9. After-Sales Service Support

Actively contact with customers to update the operation status, receive feedback from customers during the use of products and services. From that point of view, the process of providing timely support to bring satisfaction to customers. Keep up to date on the latest products, services and incentives.