Lemongrass with honey benefit


Resistance is considered as a barrier that protects the body from invasion, attack of bacteria, harmful viruses. In this regard, when resistance deteriorates, the body’s immune system becomes exhausted, weary, posing the risk of infectious diseases … Common diseases caused by declined resistance includes cough, flu, cold, respiratory failure …



1200px Limes

With ingredients containing up to 22 substances including limonene, citrus pectin, flavonol glycosides, vitamin C, minerals …, lemon helps retain water for the body, enhance resistance and respiratory tract’s anti-bacteria

The scientists also found that lemon juice can be used to disinfect water by killing norovirus – a group of viruses that causes diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain.



With its antibacterial properties, researchs have shown that honey reduces nighttime cough and improves sleep thanks to dextromethorphan’s characteristics: anti-cough and anti-histamine diphenhydramine (Benadryl) (according to CNN Health)



Helps poor digestion, indigestion, nausea. Lemongrass essential oil also helps reduce gas-related problems inside the body thanks to its ability to ease stomach muscles, eliminate gas from intestine, prevent flatulence. Other benefits include exciting digestion, curing halitosis, sputum, and enhancing respiratory system.

Deep sea water

The deep-sea water is exploited from the depth of 450-meter from the sea surface, where there is no presence of sunlight. The scientific & state-of-the-art process of making deep sea water helps maintain all micronutrients, generate antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, mucosa astringent & recovery. This prevents runny nose, stuffy nose, sinusitis, … and other diseases spreading from respiratory tract.)

Vinut deeply understands that, and we have investigated & developed a product that helps enhance resistance.

Thanks to our high-tech extracting process, the bitter taste of lemon and lemongrass is separated to create the light-sweet taste of the product.