How to make coconut water taste better


If you think of a natural energy drink, what comes to your mind? Surly the coconut water is the first thing knocking your thought! It is the precious gift of nature which is very pure and is composed of natural stuff like sugars, salts, vitamins.

Do you want to ward off fatigue? Control blood sugar level? Reduce blood pressure? Keep your heart, kidney healthy? Well, then drink coconut water!

But precisely what is coconut water and how to make coconut water? Let’s go further to know that!

In one word, coconut water is the fluid of life!

What Really is Coconut Water?


It is the limpid liquid of an unformed coconut. It is a fat-free drink and has a lot more potassium than a banana. We get it from nature. But you can make it on your own also.

How to Make Coconut Water Taste Better

Are you tired of how the coconut water tastes? Yes, you know how to make your own coconut water. But do you want to add a new taste to your coconut water? Well, let’s try something new!

People try adding different things in the coconut water. Most of the people love adding fruit juices(like orange, pineapple juices) in the coconut water.

You can also try adding lemons, ginger, honey, sea salt, tequila, ice, and others into it.

Well, now that you know how to make coconut water taste good, you’ll know the difference when you taste it.