Nam Viet F&B ( VINUT): Certification in BRC audit achieved


Following a recent audit against the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety VINUT is delighted to  achieve a certification.

As the leading food safety standard that is recognised worldwide, the result will provide our customers with confidence in our food safety programme and supply chain management.

The whole team at VINUT is responsible for this fantastic achievement that demonstrates the best practice for the manufacture of safe and legal products and will continue to work to the high standard of the BRC.

The BRC Food Safety certification has been designed to implement best practice for food safety and quality. The standard looks at the measurement, review and assessment of any factors that influence food safety. As the BRC Food Safety standard is recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), the certification provides businesses with global recognition for food safety.

Many retailers, manufacturers, and food service companies will require a third-party food safety certification such as BRC Food Safety as part of their supplier approval process.

For the following aclivities

Production of carbonated soft drink beverages, non-carbonated soft drink beverages such as coconut milk, juice beverages packed in tin cans, glass bottles, PP bottles and PE bottles.

Product Categories: 7, 11, 12

Exclusions from scope: None

What are the benefits of BRC Food Safety Certification?

If you are looking to grow your business or retain existing contracts, the majority of manufacturing businesses are required to have a third party safety certification such as BRC, as part of a supplier approval process. Many major retailers, wholesalers, agents, brokers and food service chains require their suppliers to have BRC certification as a minimum to ensure the product is produced in a safe and hygienic environment.

Additionally, the cost of product recalls typically aren’t just limited to loss of stock, as consumer awareness of food safety continues to grow and damage to reputation can incur huge costs. By implementing the procedures involved in the BRC standard, you are following best practice for food safety and reducing the risk of costly product recalls and damage to reputation.

Businesses with top grades for BRC Food Safety can demonstrate to new and existing clients that the level of food safety within their operation is of a very high standard. The cost of a BRC accreditation audit will depend on the certification body you choose to conduct the audit and the number of days it takes to carry out the audit (typically one day).

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