The Periodic health check for Nam Viet Company’s employees in 2023

As a periodic activity to take care of the health of employees, Nam Viet Foods and Beverage Joint Stock Company has coordinated with Phuc An Khang General Clinic to carry out the first periodical health checkup of 2023 for all employees of the company.

Nam Viet Foods and Beverage JSC is well aware that the health of employees is the foundation in the development of the business. Therefore, the company conducts general health checks for employees every year. Activities to help annual screening and general check the health status to help employees protect themselves as well as prevent many dangerous diseases as soon as possible.

The medical team of Phuc An Khang General Clinic has carried out inspection and screening activities in accordance with medical requirements and standards, from the steps of preparation; measurements of height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate; blood tests and medical examination.

This year, the periodic health screening for employees of Nam Viet Company was held before the Lunar New Year, creating more peace of mind for employees to welcome a happy and healthy Tet. We would like to send sincere thanks to the dedication of the medical team of Phuc An Khang General Clinic for successfully completing this periodical health checkup. The staffs of Nam Viet Company would like to thank the Board of Directors of the company for facilitating and implementing practical and meaningful health care activities for employees.

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