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November 20th is an annual commemoration day called Vietnam Teachers’ Day or Vietnam Teachers’ Charter Day. This is a festival of the Education industry, a big event honoring knowledge transmission person “the ferrymen” who cultivating green sprouts for the country.

In July 1946, an international organization of teachers was established in Paris named the International Union of Teachers’ Unions (French: Fédération Internationale Syndicale des Enseignants – FISE).

In 1949, at a conference in Warsaw (the capital of Poland), the International Union of Teachers’ Unions issued a “Charter of Teachers” consisting of 15 chapters with the main content of the struggle against the teaching profession. bourgeois and feudal education, building an education in which the interests of the teaching profession and teachers are protected, and upholding the responsibility and position of the teaching profession and teachers.

The Vietnam Education Union, which has been a member of FISE since 1953, decided at the FISE meeting from August 26 to 30, 1957 in Warsaw (the conference was attended by 57 countries), taking the date of November 20, 1958 to be “International Teachers’ Charter” day.

This day was first celebrated throughout North Vietnam on November 20, 1958. In the following years, this holiday was also celebrated in many liberated areas in South Vietnam. Every year on the 20th anniversary of November, the education subcommittee usually publishes and releases a number of special journals to encourage the fighting spirit of teachers in other regions, encouraging the spirit of endurance. hardships of teachers during the resistance period.

Up to now, Vietnam Teachers’ Charter Day has become a big holiday not only of the education sector but also of the people of the country. Generations of Vietnamese students always remember the sentence “Who teaches us a word is our teacher, even a half word is also our teacher” with the spirit of respecting the teachers. Vietnam – a studious nation will continue to maintain and promote the tradition as a guideline in the journey of national construction and development.

On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, Nam Viet Food and Beverage Joint Stock Company wishes all teachers good health and success in their careers.