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We are producers and suppliers


The Experience Of Many Years

We manufacture and export raw food material from several industries in Vietnam, using our own fruit, recipes and standard of quality. All our providers are audited under the European and FDA regulations. We are manufacturer and suppliers
The Experience Of Many Years In Food Industry we pride ourselves on the highest levels of quality and customer service and the the most competitive prices for the Food and Beverage industry.

Distribute and supply

We distribute and supply our products worldwide for the Food & Beverage industry. Our Puree, Nfc Juices and concentrates are used in many fruit productions, since juices, jams, drinks, vegetables soups, ice creams..
Juice Concentrate actively participates in environmental friendly practices. We promote organic productions, so we have developed a huge range of 100% Organic fruit and vegetable juices.

Flexible Price

Juice Concentrate offers a close contact to give quick solutions to your individual needs. We have the commitment to supply the best cost-efficient products to out clients.
We supply a wide range of products as juice concentrates, fruit concentrate, NFC juice, puree, organic fruit and organic vegetable, cold press oils, citrus cells , and fruit pulps.

OEM/ODM Services

Free Product Customization

Min. Order: 300 Cartons
  • Customized logo
  • Customized packaging
  • Graphic customization
  • Formula customization
  • Mixed container: Max 8 flavors
  • Free Sample